Frequently Asked Questions

General A&O Questions

  • Do I have to attend A&O?

    Yes, A&O is required for all students. If you are unable to attend any of the sessions, please contact us immediately at 

  • Can my friend join me at A&O?

    No, A&O is designed for new students only. Come prepared to meet other new huskies! 

  • What if I am late or have to leave early from my A&O?

    Please contact us immediately at or text our Google Voice number at 802-490-5012, it is possible you will have to reschedule your A&O. 

  • I’m out of town for summer, can I take a Hybrid A&O?

    No, the International Hybrid Freshmen A&O is designed for students who are legally unable to enter the country until September. 

  • Can I meet with an academic adviser before I attend A&O?

    No, A&O will be the dedicated time that you can meet with your academic adviser. They are not available to meet with you until your A&O session. 

  • Can I see the schedule for A&O?

    Sure, download the app to see the full Advising & Orientation schedule. Download the app here

  • Should I take a math placement test if I have taken the AP/IB test?

    AP/IB scores will be released early July. If you aren't sure what your score will be, you are welcome to take the placement test just in case. The higher score will be taken into account. You must have either a math placement score or and AP/IB score on file with the UW before you will be able to register for any math classes. 

Reservation Questions

  • Does an earlier A&O date mean better class choices?

    There is no such thing as a "bad" date for A&O. Regardless of when a student attends, we guarantee access to a schedule with classes that count towards both full time status as well as graduation requirements. Advisers and current students will be available to help with suggestions and registration for classes throughout the entire summer. 

  • The A&O session I am interested in is full, what are my options?

    Sessions open and close on a regular basis, if you are unable to get into the session you desire please continue to check back. We are not able to keep a waitlist. Do NOT make any travel arrangements until you have confirmed your reservation. 

  • I have a pre-planned trip to Seattle but the orientation during that time is not available, what are my options?

    If you are an out-of-state or international freshman with a pre-planned trip to Seattle but the orientation that coincides with those dates is not available, you are welcome to contact our office. We cannot guarantee that you will be added to the session, however we will do our best to work with you. 

  • I don't see a date listed as an option to select, does that mean it's full?

    Yes, all dates that are available at the time you are reserving your session will be listed for you in the drop down menu.

Parent Orientation

  • What if I did not pre-register for Parent Orientation? Can I still attend?

    Yes, it is likely there will still be space for you to attend Parent Orientation. Please contact us at so we can make sure there is space.  

  • I'm not sure if my student signed me up for Parent Orientation. How do I check?

    Feel free to contact us and we can confirm if you are registered for Parent Orientation. 

  • When will I be charged for Parent Orientation?

    Payment for Parent Orientation is not due when you register. Charges will be added to your student's tuition bill due in October. 

Course Registration

  • How does course registration work?

    You will learn more about course registration at your A&O. Check the advising website for more frequently asked questions regarding registration/courses/advising/credits.