The FIG program began in 1987 as a means of creating small, intentional learning communities within the large university setting. Over its 30+ year history, it has become a cornerstone experience for new students to support their transition to the UW. FIGs are offered during the first quarter on campus and have clusters of classes linked to a GEN ST 199 seminar course facilitated by peer instructors.        

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What's in a FIG? FIGs are built to be flexible — so you can select a full FIG or add classes to a FIG. Watch this short video to get an idea of how FIGs work.

Meet the FIG Leaders

I love all of the opportunities and connections you can make at UW! I have met friends from all around the world and have had the opportunity to do so many things I wouldn't have been able to do if I didn't go to UW such as football games and Dawg Days! 

—Jordyn Warner (she/her), FIG Leader