First-year Interest Groups (FIGs)

Get connected, fulfill general education requirements, and meet other new Huskies! FIGs are peer-guided clusters of courses that small groups of students take together during their first quarter at the UW.

  • Engineering FIGs

    The First-year Interest Group (FIG) program works closely with the Undergraduate Engineering Advising team to support the Engineering FIG program. Through an intentional partnership, Engineering Peer Educators (EPEs) and FIG Leaders develop necessary skills for their roles as peer educators. Both programs work together to connect new students to a peer educator and support them in their first-year transition. 

    Are you an incoming Engineering Undeclared student? Click here to learn more about E-FIGs

  • Guest Presentations in FIGs

    Please complete this form if you are interested in having FIG Leaders contact your program or office about coming to a FIG class as a guest speaker.
    **There is no guarantee that you will get any requests. We will supply the list of interested campus partners to the FIG Leaders as a resource for them to utilize. 

  • How do I join a FIG?

    FIGs serve both freshmen and transfer students in their first quarter at the UW. In a FIG you can take classes with the same 20–25 students, so even lecture classes will seem small, and coordinating study sessions is a snap. Don’t be surprised if your new classmates’ interests are a good match for yours — after all, you chose to register for the same courses!   

    Your first quarter registration will be simple – signing up for a FIG takes care of most or all of your full-time credits. And FIG groups get first access to some of the most popular courses at UW, and guarantee you a spot – once you’re signed up.

    Along with your primary FIG courses, you’ll also be automatically enrolled in GEN ST 199: The University Community.  It's a two-credit course taught by a returning undergraduate student, and specially designed to help you learn the ins and outs of UW and Seattle life.

  • Sample FIGs

  • Goals and outcomes

    Through participation in the FIG Program, you will...

    • Connect with an experienced student who will help with your Transition to the UW
    • ​Engage in Critical Thinking and begin to build a strong Academic foundation
    • Experience a small Community within a large University
    • Explore Professional Pathways