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Orientation is your first step to success at the University of Washington.

Review the information below, then begin the reservation process according to your status.

  • Step 1: What to Expect
  • Step 2: University 101
  • Step 3: Placement Testing
  • Step 4: Meet Your Orientation Leader
  • Step 5: How to Get to Campus
  • Step 6: Preparing for A&O
  • Step 7: Frequently Asked Questions

Step 1: What to Expect

What to Expect

Advising and Orientation (A&O) is offered the start of each quarter and is designed to prepare you for the UW. All new students (transfer and freshman) are required to attend an A&O in order to enroll for their first quarter.

At an A&O you can expect to:

  • Meet with faculty, advisers, and other campus leaders.
  • Create your course schedule and register for classes.
  • Learn how you can customize your education and open up future career opportunities with more than 180 fields of study.
  • Experience UW traditions, wayfind campus, and attend workshops to get an inside look of life at a world-class university.
  • Learn about the exciting leadership and involvement opportunities that await you.

Fall Admit A&O information will be available mid-February. 

Step 2: University 101

University 101

University 101 is a self-guided course designed to prepare you for your Advising & Orientation (A&O) session. U101 must be completed before your A&O session. We recommend beginning U101 at least 2 weeks prior to your A&O session

Don't forget to activate or forward your UW email. If you experience technical difficulties do not hesitate to email us at fyp@uw.edu

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Step 3: Placement Testing

Placement Testing

The UW offers on-campus placement tests in mathematics, chemistry, and more.

Freshman - For fall admits, math placement tests are the only tests offered in conjunction with on-campus A&O sessions. For all other quarters you will need to schedule a time to take the test directly with the Testing Center outside of your A&O session. 

Transfers - Math placement tests will not be available during your A&O session. Check with the Testing Center for more information.

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Step 4: Meet Your Orientation Leader

Meet Your Orientation Leader

Meet the Orientation Leaders (OLs) who will guide you through your A&O.

Meet Your OL

Step 5: How to Get to Campus

How to Get to Campus

Whether you are coming via airplane, train, or bus, we can help you find your way to the UW. 

Need help planning your commute to campus? Get a personalized commute plan from the Commute Options team! Learn more at their website or call 206-221-3701 from M-F 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. 

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Step 6: Preparing for A&O

Preparing for A&O

Select the link below based on the type of session you will be attending:

  • All sessions have been completed at this time. Please check back for more information regarding Summer and Fall Admission.

We have completed the following sessions below: 

Step 7: Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to attend A&O? Yes, A&O is required for all students. If you are unable to attend any of the sessions, please contact us immediately at fyp@uw.edu. 

Can my friend join me at A&O? No, A&O is designed for new students only. Come prepared to meet other new huskies! 

Are parents required to attend Parent Orientation? Parent Orientation is not required but encouraged especially if this is your first student attending the UW. 

What if I am late or have to leave early from my A&O? Please contact us immediately at fyp@uw.edu or text our Google Voice number at 802-490-5012, it is possible you will have to reschedule your A&O. 

What if I need accommodations at my A&O? See more information on our accommodations page.

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