Policies, Changes, & Cancellations

Making changes? No problem! We can help you with that!

  • Mandatory Advising & Orientation (A&O) Attendance

    The University of Washington requires all new (freshman and transfer) undergraduate, degree-seeking students enrolling on the Seattle campus for the first time to attend a full Advising and Orientation session. The A&O requirement must be completed for a student to be eligible to register for classes. Students who do not complete all aspects of the A&O session will have a registration hold placed on their student account and be required to attend another session. Parents, friends or family members may not participate instead of the student.

    Students have the opportunity to reserve a session date before the quarter begins. Students should choose an A&O session date that does not conflict with events.

  • Math Placement

    The math placement fee is nonrefundable, however you may cancel your placement test up to a week prior to your orientation. Any cancellations made within a week of the A&O session will be subject to the $30 fee. In order to avoid the fee, you must cancel at least 8 days before your A&O session. 

  • Missing Program, Arriving Late, or Leaving Early

    Being absent from your A&O session will cause you to miss essential advising and course registration information. If you miss more than 60 minutes of your scheduled A&O, you will be required to reschedule your A&O reservation in its entirety. This includes arriving late, leaving early, and missing orientation during the day for whatever reason. Students who must leave early to catch a flight will pick up their Husky Card when they return to campus in the fall, at the Husky Card Office

    Please be aware that there is a $20 change fee if your A&O session is rescheduled within one week of the A&O date per our cancellation policy.

  • New Student Enrollment & Orientation Fee

    The New Student Enrollment & Orientation Fee (NSEOF) funds a variety of academic support services including Advising and Orientation, Center for Learning and Undergraduate Enrichment (CLUE), and other transitional services.

    As a new undergraduate student at the University of Washington Seattle campus, you confirm your intent to enroll in a degree program by paying the $310 NSEOF. The NSEOF is neither refundable nor transferable to another quarter or another student.

  • No Show
    A&O Session

    A&O is mandatory. If you fail to arrive for your scheduled A&O session, you will be required to reschedule to a later orientation date and are subject to a $20 change fee.

    Parent Orientation

    If you miss or choose not to attend your scheduled Parent Orientation without contacting us before 9:30 a.m. on the date of the session, the original session fee of $75 for the first parent and $65 each additional parent registered will be billed to the student account.

    You can contact us via email or telephone our office at 206-543-4905.

  • Optional On-Campus Housing

    On-campus housing is only available for fall quarter admits. Changes in your housing reservation can be made up to 12 p.m. PST on the day two weeks prior to your scheduled A&O date, after which point all housing fees become non-refundable and non-transferable.

  • Program Changes
    A&O Session Changes

    If you decide to change the A&O session that you originally selected, please return to the A&O registration system to make the necessary adjustments. 

    To avoid change fees, you must make any changes at least one week in advance of your A&O session. Otherwise you must contact First Year Programs and pay a $20 change fee.

    Parent Orientation Changes

    Changes to your Parent Orientation session date must be sent to us more than one week in advance of your assigned date via email or phone. Change requests received by our office within one week of the date of your program and before 9:30am on your existing Parent Orientation session date will result in a $20 change fee billed to the student’s account.

  • Program Cancellations
    A&O Session

    If you decide not to attend the UW, please contact the Office of Admissions (206.543.9686) to inform them of your decision. Make any session cancellations as early as possible to assist us in the planning of A&O sessions.

    Please be aware that if you decide not to attend the UW, your $310 NSEOF confirmation fee will not be refunded.

    Parent Orientation

    Cancellations for Parent Orientation must be made via email or phone more than one week in advance of your Parent Orientation session date.

    If you cancel your registration within one week of your session date, and before 9:30am on your existing scheduled session date, the program fee will be removed from your student's account and a $20.00 change fee will be added

  • Sponsorship

    All sponsorship opportunities should align with the mission and guiding philosophies of First Year Programs (see below). First Year Programs often consults with campus departments and units to ensure that messaging is aligned with current on-campus efforts. Request for sponsorship will be considered in the context of supporting students in making connections with on-campus departments and units. 


    Mission & Guiding Philosophy

    First Year Programs fosters a successful undergraduate student experience through strategic programming that focuses on positive academic transitions and the development of learning communities. Through partnerships with faculty, staff, alumni, and student leaders our programs create the space for students to define how they will engage, learn, and thrive at the University of Washington.

    Our work is guided by the following methods:

    • Intentionality - We use current assessment, research, and best practices to make decisions.
    • Collaboration - We develop transparent and collaborative relationships with campus and community partners.
    • Diversity and Inclusion - We understand that all students have unique stories, and we support their individual learning paths.



  • Freshman Study Abroad: Travel Writing in Rome

    $350 of the total program fee and the $450 UW Study Abroad Fee are non-refundable once you have been accepted and submitted a contract. Students withdrawing from a program are responsible for paying a percentage of the program fee depending on the date of withdrawal. More details about the withdrawal policy will be included in your payment contract. No part of the program fee is refundable once the program has begun. The date of withdrawal is considered the business day a withdrawal application is received by UW Study Abroad. Notice of withdrawal from the program must be made in writing by completing the following steps:

    1. Provide notice in writing to the program director that you will no longer be participating in the program.

    2. Submit a withdrawal application to UW Study Abroad.

    Visit the Withdrawals section of the UW Study Abroad website for more information.