New Student Enrollment & Orientation Fee

The New Student Enrollment and Orientation Fee (NSEOF) is a mandatory, one-time fee of $338 that all entering undergraduate students at the University of Washington Seattle campus pay to confirm enrollment. The NSEOF supports many academic and transition programs designed specifically to set students up for success. These programs include Advising & Orientation (A&O), Dawg Daze Welcome Week, Center for Learning and Undergraduate Enrichment (ASP/CLUE), the Commuter & Transfer Commons, and First-year Interest Groups (FIGs).  

The NSEOF is neither refundable nor transferable to another quarter or another student.


  • The History of the NSEOF

    Since the early 1970s, the University of Washington has offered orientation for new students. The program was optional and fee-based and always included academic advising and registration for classes. In 2002, the Special Assistant to the Dean, a staff member in the Office of Undergraduate Education, proposed a drastic change to the way new students were welcomed to campus. The staff recognized that all students needed an opportunity to get acclimated, be introduced to resources available and learn how to be successful at the UW.

    A proposal to implement an enrollment fee for all new students, both freshman and transfer, was created to fund this new initiative. It came from the idea that orientation should emphasize academic values, stress the importance of intellectual discovery, value diverse learning opportunities and actively pursue academic excellence.

    From this idea, Advising & Orientation (A&O) was created. With the implementation of the NSEOF, the former office of New Student Programs was transformed into First Year Programs (FYP) with the purpose of implementing and facilitating programs and services for new students. Campus partnerships were utilized and strengthened to ensure students would have the opportunity to meet their fellow new Huskies, discover the resources campus has to offer and register for classes for the upcoming quarter. With this new orientation process, made possible by the collection of the NSEOF, the class registration playing field was actually leveled, as students were able to sign up for orientation on a first-come first-serve basis and register for classes while on campus for their orientation. In addition, because the NSEOF was required for all students, financial aid could build it into a student’s aid package.

    The NSEOF funds the office of First Year Programs, which is responsible for A&O, Dawg Daze, Commuter and Transfer Commons, and First-year Interest Groups. The NSEOF also funds the wages of the student employees within FYP, including the positions of the Commuter and Transfer Associates, Student Coordinators, Orientation Leaders, and the First-year Interest Group leaders, who work within the office and dedicate their time and energy to the FYP mission. A portion of the NSEOF also funds Academic Support Programs (ASP). ASP is responsible for facilitating academic achievement courses, tutor/mentorship and the Center for Learning and Undergraduate Enrichment (CLUE). 

    The NSEOF can only be increased through approval by the regents and has only seen minimal increases in the last thirteen years. FYP does not receive state funding from the University but does operate other programs and services for students and families, including a comprehensive Parent Orientation program, that has optional fees.

    2002 Draft Recommendation 

    2003 Final Approval 

  • NSEOF Allocation

    First Year Programs (FYP) (55% or $171)

    • Programming and Staffing (72% or $123)
    • Student Wages (28% or $48)

    Academic Support Programs (26% or $81)

    • Programming and Staffing (55% or $45)
    • Student Wages (44% or $36)

    Partnerships (16% or $48)

    • Undergraduate Academic Affairs Administration (38% or $18)
    • Academic Advising (21% or $10)
    • Office of Minority Affairs & Diversity (35% or $17)
    • Faculty Collegium Seminars (6%  or $3)

    Credit Card Fees  (3% or $10)​

  • Programs Funded by the NSEOF

    Whole or partial funding of the following programs for all new students is provided by the NSEOF including:

    • Programs for First Year Students 
      • Advising & Orientation
      • First-year Interest Groups (FIGs)
      • Dawg Daze
      • University & Collegium Seminars
      • Commuter and Transfer Commons
      • OMA&D Welcome Daze 
    • Programs for Academic Success 
      • Center for Learning & Undergraduate Enrichment (CLUE)
      • Writing Center
      • Achievement Courses
      • Tutoring/Mentorship Program
      • Office of Minority Affairs & Diversity (OMA&D)
      • Undergraduate Academic Affairs (UAA) Advising


  • NSEOF Advisory Board

    NSEOF recommendations and activities are reviewed by the NSEOF Advisory Board. The board provides recommendations to Undergraduate Academic Affairs (UAA) Dean, Ed Taylor, for final approval.

    The current advisory board members include: 

    • Adiam Tesfay, Director, Academic Support Programs
    • Jason Johnson, Associate Dean, UAA
    • LeAnne Jones Wiles, Director, First Year Programs
    • Michaelann Jundt, Associate Dean, UAA
    • Nanette Rosenthal, Administrator, UAA

    Current Students have the opportunity to serve on the First Year Experience (FYE) Student Advisory Council