First-year Checklist (Required)

Prepare for your Advising & Orientation session and your first quarter at the UW.

This checklist comprises various tasks you will need to complete as you transition to the UW, including making your A&O reservation.  Many of these items are required (*). Please log into the First-year Checklist below to complete the steps. 

Before you make your A&O reservation, please note that there are several required steps that you will need to complete before you can select a date. 

Log into your First-Year Checklist

The checklist includes the following topic areas: 

  1. Welcome to the Pack
  2. Activate UW Email and 2FA/DUO
  3. Upload Husky Card Photo 
  4. Update Personal Information 
  5. Acknowledge Student Code of Conduct*
  6. Update Communication Preferences*
  7. Update UW Address and WAIIS Records Consent*
  8. Complete Transition Questionnaire*
    1. First Quarter Housing
    2. Student Success Program Affiliations
    3. Anticipated Credits
    4. New Student Experience Survey
  9. Review Disability Accommodations Request Process (Academic Year) 
  10. Review MMM Immunization Requirement*
  11. Update UW Address and WAIIS Records Consent
  12. Complete UW Course - Title IX: Husky Prevention & Response*
  13. Complete UW Course - Alcohol e-Checkup To Go*
  14. Complete UW Course - Hazing Prevention Training*
  15. Review Important A&O Information
  16. Make an A&O Reservation 
  17. Complete Pre-A&O Modules 
  18. Complete Mathematics Guided Self-placement
  19. Complete Chemistry Placement
  20. Complete Computer Science & Engineering Guided Self-Placement
  21. Review the Husky Guide Checklists
  22. Review the Program and Post A&O Modules 
  23. Submit your Final Transcripts
  24. Stay Connected Through UW Social Media
  25. Using Digital Tools at UW
  26. Make a Plan for Dawg Daze 

Additional International Student Checklist Items:

  1. Access MyISSS (F & J Visa Holders Only)
  2. Request your I-20/DS-2019
  3. Obtain your visa 
  4. Complete the International Student Services (ISS) Post-Arrival Checklist 
  5. Attend International Husky Welcome
  6. Participate Regional Connection Group

If you have any questions, let us know by contacting our office by email (fyp@uw.edu), text or call (206-207-5564). We look forward to meeting you at A&O!