Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is General Studies 199: The University Community?

    General Studies 199 is a course facilitated by an experienced undergraduate student, and designed to help you adjust to life on campus both socially and academically. Every FIG contains a section of this course. Students enrolled will be completing a variety of activities and experiences. Visit our page on GEN ST 199 for more information.

  • What FIGs are available?

    Visit our FIGs search page. Please keep in mind that FIGs fill and open throughout the summer. We recommend that you sign up for Notify UW for a FIG that you are interested in if a FIG is full. Notify UW is a web service that will send you a notification if space in a class you're subscribed for opens up.

  • If I find a FIG I want to register for, do I have to take all of the courses in it?

    Yes! A FIG is a package deal. However, some FIGs are standalone classes. 

    FIGs are great because they combine courses that show you different perspectives of a common field of study.

    For example imagine if a FIG has CSE and GWSS. We have a shortage of women in the stem field, how can taking this class coupled with computer science broaden your understanding of that subject?

    Or a FIG with CHEM 142 (many pre-med majors) linked with a sociology course on health disparities or with one of the public health courses – allows you to take a look at different aspects of the medical field. You gain exposure to a subject from varying disciplines and areas of knowledge. 

  • How do I add a FIG? How do I drop a FIG?

    It's very easy to add or drop a FIG from your schedule through MyPlan, the UW's course registration site. You will learn how to add and drop during Advising & Orientation. Learn more about dropping FIGs here

  • What if the FIG I want is closed?

    Feel free to continue checking the website, but know that it's a good idea to register for a backup schedule since there is no guarantee that the FIG you want will open up. Also, there are a lot of FIGs with similar classes, so make sure you look through all of the FIGs with themes or classes that interest you. There are no waiting lists for FIGs.

    Other tips for getting into closed courses can be found here

  • Are FIGs offered any time besides autumn quarter?

    No. FIGs are only offered for autumn quarter, so don't miss out! Take advantage of this opportunity!

  • I have a lot of Running Start and/or AP credit. What FIG should I take?

    Many students with Running Start and/or AP credit take FIGs. You should be careful, of course, to not enroll in any classes that you already have credit for. If you’re not sure, you can always consult with an adviser about any concerns about the courses you're registering for.

  • How do I contact my FIG Leader?

    Your FIG Leader will contact you through email the week before the fall quarter begins. However, if you need to contact your FIG Leader directly, you can find their email on the FIG Leader Contact list.

    If you have questions about connecting with FIG Leaders please email 

  • What is My FIG Number?