GEN ST 199: The University Community

A 2-credit course designed to assist you in your transition to the UW.

GEN ST 199 is made for you, the busy UW student. It’s only 2 credits (graded Credit/No Credit), so it won’t crowd your schedule and you’ll be able to stay focused on your other courses.

Does this sound too good to be true? We’ll let you in on a little secret: the things you’ll cover in GEN ST 199 will be some of the most important, and most applicable skills you’ll need for your other courses.

  • What you will do in GEN ST 199
    • Engage with other students in conversations on topics ranging from academic planning to campus diversity.
    • Participate in on- and off-campus social and extracurricular activities.  
    • Mentored by a FIG Leader, an experienced undergraduate who facilitate the courses and help to introduce you to the UW and the city of Seattle.
  • GEN ST 199 Curriculum

    General Studies 199 (GEN ST 199) is a two-credit hour course which serves to create learning communities for students new to the University of Washington and provides information about university, co-curricular, and academic resources.  Through class interaction and activities, this course will help you navigate the UW, begin to identify your campus community, and engage in classroom discussions with a small group of peers; establishing skills that will help you to be successful at the UW. All course assignments and in class activities will focus on four themes:

    • Major Exploration & Investigation,
    • Critical Thinking & Research
    • Community Engagement – both on campus and within the greater Seattle area
    • Identifying career pathways