View the UW's response to COVID-19. Our services and staff are available remotely and by phone. Because of the on-going situation, Advising & Orientation sessions have moved to a remote platform. For more information, view our Remote Advising & Orientation Updates page. (updated 5/6/2020) 


Pre-A&O Requirements

Come prepared to Advising & Orientation! Please review and complete the following information: 

  1. Online Pre-A&O Modules (Required) 
  2. Laptop Reservations for A&O (Optional)
  3. Disability Accommodation Applications for the Academic Year
  4. Placement Testing
  5. Huskies Must Do List & Embark
  6. Immunizations 
  7. Husky ID Card 

1. Online Pre-A&O Modules (Required)

After you have made your reservation for a specific A&O session, you are required to complete the Online Pre-A&O Modules before attending your A&O session. Please complete these modules at least 72 hours prior to your A&O session so advisers and other presenters have time to review your responses. Any technological device can be used to access the online Pre-A&O modules. 

The modules will take between 2 and 4 hours to complete and are designed to give you foundational information about the concepts you will be exploring during A&O. Information will be communicated through videos, written content, diagrams, external links, and reflection questions. 

Part One: Online Modules

Select the link below to begin the online modules. You may start the course and come back to finish it at any time. However, please complete a full module before signing off. Work will only be saved after completing the quizzes at the end of each module.

Online Modules

Part Two: Registration Resources & Navigating Technology 

Registration Resources & Navigating Technology gives you an overview of how to register for classes during A&O. 

Registration Resources & Navigating Technology

2. Laptop Reservations for A&O (Optional)

To fully participate at Remote A&O you will need a laptop or desktop computer to navigate between several documents. Review our Technology Instructions for A&O to learn more about the technology and supplies needed during your A&O as well as detailed Zoom instructions.

You will not be able to use a Chromebook due to the limitations that prevent you from joining breakout rooms in Zoom required for small group discussion. Read more about Breakout Room Limitations to make sure that your device is compatible. If you have a Chromebook, please use a different computer/laptop or request a device from UW's Student Technology Loan Program. Please submit your request as soon as possible, preferably at least 20 days before your scheduled A&O. 

How to Request:

  1. Visit the Student Technology Loan Program
  2. Select the date for your Advising & Orientation Session
  3. Select FYP@STLP Dell XPS 2020 (Incoming Students Only)
  4. After completing the reservation process, you will receive a confirmation email that will direct you to a form to collect your shipping details.
  5. You will receive your equipment via the mail and will need to return the computer immediately after your A&O Session.

Please Note: For access to technology throughout the academic school year, you will need to complete a separate request before the start of the quarter.

3. Disability Accommodations During the Academic Year

If you are looking to request disability accommodations for the academic school year outside of Advising & Orientation, please go to the UW's Disability Resource for Students' "getting started" website for more information. Students with temporary or permanent physical, health, learning, sensory, or psychological disabilities may be eligible to work with the office to establish appropriate services for the individual. 

Please begin this process as soon as possible to allow ample time for your application to be processed by the Disability Resource for Students (DRS) office. We recommend that you begin at least 30 business days before the start of the academic quarter. 

Getting Started

4. Placement Testing

5. Complete Huskies Must Do List

Refer back to the Huskies Must Do List to complete any additional items that you may need to complete. 

International Students: View the Huskies Must Do List to sign up for a mandatory embark session and complete additional items before attending the UW. 

6. Immunizations 

Upload your immunization information before you before you start the quarter. 

7. Husky ID Card

You will receive a link a few days before your A&O session inviting you to upload your Husky ID card photo. Please check your UW email.

If you have a U.S. address, we will send the card to you in the mail along with a few pieces of Husky swag 4-6 weeks after your Advising & Orientation session. If you have an address outside of the U.S. we will hold your card (and Husky swag) in our office until you arrive on campus. If you have questions please email huskycrd@uw.edu

Please Note: To upload your picture you will need a government-issued photo ID. If you do not have a government-issued photo ID, you need to submit three documents: birth certificate, social security card, and another form of photo ID such as a high school ID. The other option would be to wait until you arrive on campus. 

If your photo is rejected, please upload a new photo as soon as possible. If you are unable to upload a new photo, you will be able to pick up your card and/or take a new photo when you arrive on campus.