Student Coordinator: FIGs & Operations

The Student Coordinator for FIGs & Operations is responsible for all the duties outlined below in addition to the areas outlined in the Expectations and Policies

The Student Coordinator for FIGs & Operations position is limited to students who have previously been a FIG Leader.

Summary of Work

  • Support Operations Manager
  • Advising and Orientation operational support during Summer 2019 (session preparation, billing, front desk support) 
  • FIG Program logistics and operational support 
  • Support FIG Program Manager
  • Help with recruitment and training of FIG Leaders 
  • Volunteer management of FIG Leaders 

Required Qualifications

  • Full-time undergraduate student status
  • Experience as a FIG Leader
  • May not be enrolled in classes during the summer quarter in 2019 
  • Ability to work May 2019- June 2020 with a minimum of:
    • 12 - 15 hours during spring quarter (May 28- June 14) 
    • 40 hours during summer 2019
    • 12-15 hours during fall 2019 & winter 2020 quarters. 
  • Must have a high attention to detail 

Applications are currently closed.