The Dawg Daze Student Advisory Board serves as the student voice of Dawg Daze. This group meets 3 times in spring quarter and will serve as Team Captains during Dawg Daze at the beginning of the fall quarter. 

Dawg Daze Team Captains develop programming and provide logistical support for all Dawg Daze events. As UW ambassadors, Dawg Daze Team Captains also work to ensure that the week is a memorable and enjoyable experience for all participants. Team Captains lead groups of 20-25 Dawg Daze Leaders through training and can expect at least a 20-hour volunteer commitment during the week before the start of the fall quarter.

  • Assist in the development and implementation of a large scale campus wide program
  • Serve as a leader to 20-25 student volunteers 
  • Meet students with similar interests and connect with the FYP professional staff
  • Share your passion for the UW with incoming students
  • Give back to the UW community through service