Returning Student

Welcome Back to the UW! 

Undergraduate students who return to the University of Washington after more than one-quarter of absence qualify as a returning student.  

As a returning student, you are not required to attend an Advising & Orientation session, but we encourage you to follow the steps below to facilitate a smooth return.

  1. Activate UW Email
  2. Upload Husky Card Photo
  3. Review Disability Accommodations Request Process (Academic Year) 
  4. Review Student Code of Conduct
  5. Review Covid-19 Vaccination Requirement
  6. Review MMM Immunization Requirement
  7. Complete UW Course - Title IX: Husky Prevention & Response
  8. Complete UW Course - Alcohol e-Checkup To Go
  9. Read the Husky Guide 
  10. Complete Mathematics Guided Self-placement
  11. Complete Chemistry Placement
  12. Review Housing, Financial Aid, and Community resources 
  13. Register for Classes
  14. International Students: ReviewISS Returning Student Website 

Advising & Your Major 

Students previously enrolled in an academic program with restricted enrollment and/or special admission requirements should consult their adviser about procedures for readmission in the same program.