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Graduate & Postbaccalaureate Students

Welcome to the UW. Graduate and Postbaccalaureate students are not required to attend a First Year Programs Advising & Orientation session. We encourage you to follow the steps below to facilitate your transition to UW.  

Complete Required UW Task 

  1. Check in with your department.
    • Ask questions about what you need to know before classes begin. Do you need to attend any required training or orientation sessions? How do you go about registering for classes? Each department has different requirements.
  2. Activate UW Email
  3. Upload Husky Card Photo
  4. Review Disability Accommodations Request Process (Academic Year) 
  5. Review the Student Code of Conduct
  6. Review Covid-19 Vaccination Requirement
  7. Review MMM Immunization Requirement
  8. Complete UW Course - Title IX: Husky Prevention & Response
  9. Review Housing and Financial Aid
  10. International Students: Review the ISS New Student Website


Prepare for your Transition 

When preparing to start school, we suggest exploring the following resources.