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First Year Programs

First-year Interest Groups (FIGs)

FIGs serve both freshman and transfer students in their first quarter at UW. 

FIGs provide the following: 

  • Small cohorts of 20-25 students to take courses together and build connections in class.
  • A two-credit GEN ST 199: The University Community course taught by a current undergraduate student (FIG Leader) to help first-year students navigate the University. 
  • Simplified first quarter registration. Students can take a full course load and gain access to popular courses just by signing up for one FIG which registers students for all the courses clustered in that FIG. 

Campus Partner Involvement:

  • These are just two primary ways for campus partners to get involved, we are happy to connect to discuss further partnership opportunities if you email cluster@uw.edu. 
    • FIG Clustering & Course Management (Include your departmental courses in a FIG) 
    • FIG GEN ST 199 Curriculum (submit a topic-specific module for the GEN ST 199: The University Community course)
  • Create a Direct Admit FIGDirect Admission FIG Structure & Process (Department Needs to Reach out to FYP before Winter Quarter to start the process)

Clustering & Course Management

Clustering & Course Management                              
Extra Seats 
  • Learn more about Extra Seats
  • For seats in courses that are linked to a FIG section, we make spaces available to all students. 
  • Extra seats are available through email requests to cluster@uw.edu. These seats are first-come, first-serve. 
Get Involved
  • Campus Partners interested in discussing potential partnership ideas for clustering & course management can email cluster@uw.edu.  

GEN ST 199 Curriculum 

199 Examples and Explanation 
Submit a Module                                                                                                   
  • Read the instructions about how to create a module and use the "Module Template" provided. You can see an example "Involvement" module at the bottom of the document as a reference. 
  • Once you have completed your module, you can submit it by emailing it to the FIG Program at figs@uw.edu 
  • We will then add the module to the FIG Leader Google Drive as a resource for FIG Leaders to use in their curriculum development based on their student's needs.
FIG Leaders
  • Learn more about FIG Leaders
  • Topics include nominating or requesting a FIG leader, FIG Leader applications, and connecting with the FIG Leader paired with your course. 
FIG Research Reports 
Get Involved
  • Campus Partners interested in discussing potential partnership ideas for the GEN ST 199 course can email figs@uw.edu