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First Year Programs

Mapping the First Year Experience (FYE)

Positioned within the importance of the first year for persistence, this 6-month project sought to map the first-year experience at the University of Washington. Research conducted by Dr. Cassady Glass Hastings. This included:

  • 65+ faculty and staff interviews to gain a better understanding of campus perceptions on the trademarks of the first-year experience, as well as the programs and academic departments that serve first-year students;
  • Demographic data analysis of freshman in fall 2018 comparing those enrolled in one of the available freshman-only seminars with their non-enrolling peers;
  • Gathering and analyzing focus group data from 140 students on the most beneficial and challenging aspects of their first-year student experience; 
  • Review of existing UW reports and data sources for relevant intersections with the first-year experience.

Presentations and Findings: