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First Year Programs

Assessment for FYP

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Review the institutions that are defined as peers.   

2023-2024 Current Data 

  1. A&O:Quick Data - 2023 (session counts & survey data)
  2. A&O: Advising Appointment Information (Freshman &Transfer)
  3. A&O: Video Click Trough Data - 2023
  4. A&O: Mongoose Text Messaging Data - 2023
  5. A&O: Caseloading Summary
  6. Family Orientation Quick Data - 2023 (session counts & survey data)
    1. Family Orientation Data from June - August 1
  7. FIG: Course Management Fill Rates and Clustering Updates
  8. FIG: First-Year Seminar Survey (GEN ST 199, HON 100, E-FIGs)
  9. FIG: FIG Course & Enrollment Management Reports - 2023
  10. FYE: 2022-2023 First-Year Experience Summary Report
  11. FYE: First-Year Dashboard
  12. Dawg Daze: Fall 2023 Summary 
  13. Dawg Daze: Libraries' USS Team Events
  14. Social Media: Dawg Daze Instagram Data
  15. Communications: Email Stats

View the following reports about first-year and transfer students at UW: