First Year Programs

Frequently Asked Questions

Explore this page for more information about the FIG Leader role! 

If you have specific questions you can contact us at or at 206-543-4905 (Voice) or 206-207-5564 (Text).

How do I find more information about what FIG Leaders do?

The easiest way is by exploring the rest of this website and we will have Information Sessions as well. These will explain the leadership opportunities we have available in First Year Programs, including being a FIG Leader. These will occur during the month of January and a recording will be posted in mid-December that you can watch at any time! 

What types of characteristics or abilities are you looking for in the FIG Leader candidates?

We are not looking for one particular type of FIG Leader. FIG Leaders are all very different, which is why every FIG class is different and unique. However, a FIG Leader needs to be flexible and good at multitasking, because they assist first-year students with their transition into the UW while managing their own academics and extracurricular activities. We also want leaders that are welcoming to all incoming students and show a genuine desire for and ability to build relationships with students through teaching and mentoring.

What's the FIG Leader selection process like?

The FIG Leader selection process begins with an online application. The purpose of the application is for us to get an idea of who you are and what you are involved in. The application process is a chance for you to tell us the things about yourself you think we should know when considering you for this position. Once our office has reviewed applications, qualified applicants will be offered an interview. This interview will be part group interview & part individual interview. The group interview portion is to provide a space to showcase your facilitation skills & the individual interview portion is to get to know you better and learn more about your problem-solving skills. Once the interviews have been completed, offers will be made via email.

The selection process is in no way meant to be intimidating; our primary goal is to make sure that we have the opportunity to evaluate all of the candidates from as many perspectives as possible. We hope to give all applicants the chance to exhibit their best qualities and to share how they might contribute to the FIG Leader staff.

How are FIG Leaders prepared for their role?

FIG Leaders register for a 3-credit General Studies course in Spring Quarter that meets for two hours one a week. Class times can be found under the “Candidate Info” tab on the previous page. The course will be credit/no credit and will prepare FIG Leaders to successfully facilitate a General Studies 199 course. This class offers intensive training in public speaking, facilitation, lesson module development, and leadership. FIG Leaders are expected to complete Self-Guided Prep during the month of September & attend a Pre-Quarter Meeting before fall quarter where they will learn logistics for Husky Kick Off, reinforce what they learned in Spring, and practice facilitating conversations/ice breakers. Then in the Fall, when FIG Leaders are teaching their 199 course, they will also be enrolled in a General Studies course that meets for a 50-minute class each week. In this class, FIG Leaders can check in and talk about how their class is going, learn skills to better their 199 course, and learn how to grade their student’s work.

Do FIG Leaders work in the summer?

No. FIG Leaders are selected during the winter quarter and then they will take our General Studies 470 section in the following spring quarter where we go over the basics of being a FIG Leader and the curriculum you will teach in the General Studies 199 Course. After the Spring Course and summer break, there are three required commitments in late September – Self-Guided Prep, the Pre Quarter Meeting and Husky Kick Off. After these two dates, Fall Quarter will get started and our FIG Leaders will all be teaching their own General Studies 199 course and be enrolled in a General Studies 470 training course.

Do FIG Leaders help during Dawg Daze?

During Husky Kick Off, after the “W” photo taken, FIG leaders will host their first class meeting. In these meetings, FIG Leaders will facilitate community building activities and welcome their students to the course and UW! FIG Leaders will also assist in creating a fun and exciting environment for the “W” photo.  Besides Husky Kick Off, FIG Leaders are not required to help during Dawg Daze. However, FIG Leaders can attend other Dawg Daze events and invite their FIG Students if they want to!

During the Fall Quarter, what's a typical work week like for FIG Leaders?

The workload for FIG Leaders can be described as a minimum of 5 hours per week in the Fall quarter. One hour in the 199 course, one hour preparing for the 199 course, one hour grading and tracking attendance for their GEN ST 199 course, one hour of student support, and one hour in the General Studies 470 training course for FIG Leaders. The General Studies 199 course is a 50-minute course that meets once a week and the FIG Leader will facilitate class the whole time. In class, first year students will learn valuable skills (ex. time management), participate in many community building activities, and hear from the FIG Leader about real-life advice and experiences. FIG Leaders will also be enrolled in the General Studies 470 (similar to the Spring Quarter course), a 50-minute class that meets once a week with a FYP Professional Staff Member. In this class, FIG Leaders can check in and talk about how their class is going, learn skills to better their 199 course, and learn how to grade their student’s work.

How many credits or other commitments should I have for the Fall quarter when I will be teaching?

Due to the time commitment involved with being a FIG leader, it is our recommendation that you don’t take more than 15 credits or have a large number of other commitments (on/off involvements, jobs, internships). The amount of time and energy it takes to be a FIG Leader in the fall quarter is sizable. There is no specific requirement or rule, but from past FIG Leaders, we know that the workload can be overwhelming if a student has too many other commitments.