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First Year Programs

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First Year Programs fosters a successful undergraduate student experience through strategic programming that focuses on positive academic transitions and the development of learning communities. Through partnerships with faculty, staff, alumni, and student leaders our programs create the space for students to define how they will engage, learn, and thrive at the University of Washington.

We conduct our work through the lens of three guiding philosophies:

  • Intentionality
  • Collaboration
  • Equity and Access

As you consider applying for a position at the UW, consider reviewing the documents below to gain a better understanding of the UW hiring process with tips on how to apply and construct your resume. 

Learn more about the University of Washington and how they support staff and faculty on campus through the Whole U and see what our staff have to say about UW Race & Equity

Current Openings 

Please review the current openings below and begin working on your materials now. HR is very much delayed, so there will be a quick turnaround when the positions open.

Tell us that you are interested or have applied: UW Hires can be a complicated process. If you are interested in this position or applied, please also complete our form so that we can ensure that your application materials are complete and we can notify you when the position post. Please do not email your resume or cover letter directly; materials must be submitted in the UW Hires system. 

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If you have questions about our process or a role, please email fyp02@uw.edu.