Tabling Opportunities

Tabling on campus is reserved for the Dawg Daze Key Event called Student Activities Fair. This two day event is our largest traffic event held on the UW Red Square in the center of campus. 

Tables are limited. Once we are at capacity, we can put your organization or business on a waitlist. In the event of an organization or business is no longer available to attend, an organization or business on the waitlist will be notified.

In the event of inclement weather, Student Activities Fair will continue as scheduled, unless lightning occurs. The closing of the Student Activities Fair is at the discretion of the First Year Programs and Student Activities Office staff. 

Table Placement
In order to arrange for an appropriate flow of participants, table placement and arrangement will be managed by the Dawg Daze staff. Moving tables or swapping with other table occupants will not be permitted without approval by Dawg Daze staff. Additionally, representatives at each table should stay within five feet of their designated table. Wandering through the fair to distribute materials or recruit session participants will not be permitted.

Distribution of Materials
Departments and organizations are encouraged to distribute materials, information, and swag to students, parents, and family members. We further encourage those materials to be environmentally sustainable. Specific materials prohibited from distribution include: alcohol or other drug paraphernalia (ex: bottle openers, shot glasses, cigar cutters, ash trays) and potentially allergenic sprays or fragrences.