View the UW's response to COVID-19. Our services and staff are available remotely and by phone. Because of the on-going situation, Advising & Orientation sessions have moved to a remote platform. For more information, view our Remote Advising & Orientation Updates page. (updated 5/6/2020) 


Transfer Dates

All dates are subject to availability in the reservation system. Regardless of when a student attends A&O they will have access to register for courses that count toward graduation requirements. See below for session descriptions.

Remote A&O sessions are scheduled at specific times with participants logging in to meet in small and large chat groups led by advisers, campus partners, faculty, and OLs. Read more information about our new remote A&O format. 


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Session Descriptions

One-Day: General

The General One-Day A&O is intended for new incoming transfer students. Students will most likely fall within one of these dates unless directed otherwise in our reservation system.  

One-Day: Spring Admission

The One-Day Spring Admission A&O is intended for students who are admitted for spring quarter.

One-Day: Summer Admission

The One-Day Summer Admission A&O is intended for students who are admitted for summer quarter.