University 101

U101 is now available for you to begin!


The University 101 Course offers an introduction to the information you will use during Advising & Orientation (A&O) and is a prerequisite to attend A&O.

The course provides an overview of the knowledge and context needed in order to participate in A&O workshops, including action items to complete before attending A&O, foundational information about A&O topics, and pathways to consider during A&O.

Successful completion of the course will lift your registration hold and qualify you to register for classes during A&O.

It is possible to access the course on all devices including desktop computers, laptops, tablets, and mobile phones. You may start and stop the course at any point and continue where you stopped at any time. However, it is recommended that you complete the course at the least the day before your A&O session to avoid complications.

Three (3) Components

U101 consists of three (3) separate components. On average, students complete all three (3) components in about four (4) hours, so please plan ahead. Please email us at if you experience technical difficulties.

1. Online Modules

Select the link below to begin the online modules. This is component will take the longest to complete. After completing the modules and the final survey, the system will show a checkmark next to all modules on the main menu. This will indicate that you have completed this component of U101.

Begin the Online Modules

2. Registration Resources

Registration Resources gives you an overview of how to register for classes during A&O. You can refer to these resources after A&O as you make changes to your schedule throughout the academic year. This component is an online course in Canvas, which is the learning management system used by instructors for many of your classes. 

Begin Registration Resources

3. 'What is it like coming to the UW?' Activity 

What is it like coming to the University of Washington? See how current and former students describe their experience coming to college. Then share your thoughts and feelings about becoming a Husky. Your thoughts will help give future students a better idea of what to expect, helping to improve their transition! Please set aside 30 minutes to do this.

Freshman Students

Transfer Students

  • How do I know if I completed the Online Modules?

    You must complete all modules, quizzes, and the final survey in order to satisfy the U101 requirement. Remember to select the Next button at the top of the screen after completing the final survey and reviewing the items of interest.

    The only way to confirm that you completed the Online Modules is to check the main menu screen. If check marks appear next to all modules, like the screen shot below, then you have successfully completed U101.