First-year Checklist

Prepare for your Advising & Orientation session and your first quarter at the UW.

This checklist is comprised of various tasks that you will need to complete as you transition to the UW including making your A&O reservation.  Many of these items are required (*). Please log into the First-year Checklist below to complete the steps. 

Before you make your A&O reservation please note that there are several required steps that you will need to complete before you can select a date. 

Log into your First-year Checklist

The checklist includes the following topic areas: 

  1. Welcome to the Pack
  2. Activate UW Email*
  3. Upload Husky Card Photo*
  4. Update Personal Information and Communication Preferences*
  5. Complete Transition Questionnaire*
  6. Review Disability Accommodations Request Process (Academic Year) 
  7. Acknowledge Student Code of Conduct*
  8. Review Covid-19 Vaccination Requirement*
  9. Review MMM Immunization Requirement*
  10. Complete UW Course - Title IX: Husky Prevention & Response*
  11. Complete UW Course - Alcohol e-Checkup To Go*
  12. Make an A&O Reservation - Available May 11*
  13. Complete Pre-A&O Modules - Available June 6*
  14. Complete Mathematics Guided Self-placement
  15. Complete Chemistry Placement
  16. Review the Husky Guide Checklists
  17. Review the Program and Post A&O Modules - Available June 6
  18. Submit your Final Transcripts - Available June 1

Additional International Student Checklist Items:

  1. Complete International Student Services (ISS) Online Information Session
  2. Request your I-20 or DS-2019
  3. Obtain your visa 
  4. Complete the International Student Services (ISS) Post-Arrival Checklist 

If you have any questions, let us know by contacting our office by email (fyp@uw.edu), text or call (206-207-5564). We look forward to meeting you at A&O!