Placement Testing

A variety of placement tests are available on-campus.

The UW offers on-campus placement tests in mathematics, chemistry, many foreign languages, and music history & theory.

Math placement tests are the only tests offered in conjunction with on-campus A&O sessions (except for the Hybrid Part II on-campus A&O sessions on 8/26, 9/17, 9/18, and 9/19). All other placement tests must be taken during regularly scheduled Testing Center hours. You are encouraged to review materials and sample questions for the math placement test before you take the test at your A&O session. 

  • Do I need to take a placement test?

    Check here to see if you need a placement test. Also review how your AP/IB scores will transfer. 

    If you are still unsure if you need a placement test or have questions about which tests you need to take, please contact UAA Advising at

  • English Proficiency Required

    All new UW students must demonstrate English proficiency before they can register for classes.

    You have satisfied the requirement if you can say yes to any of the following:

    • I am a native speaker of English.
    • I have qualifying scores from tests such as SAT Critical Reading, SAT Writing, or ACT Combined English/Writing.
    • I have completed an academic associate degree from a Washington community college.


    If you believe you still need to satisfy this requirement you can learn more here

  • Math Placement Test

    Freshman Students

    Math placement testing will be available the morning before the start of your orientation program and requires registration ahead of time.Registration will take place while you are selecting an A&O session. You will not be able to sign up on the day of testing. Check-in for the exam will begin at 8:45am in Kane Hall.  There will be no test available on the morning of 9/18, 9/19 and 9/21.

    You may select on of two test options. The General Math Placement Test (MPT-G) is directed toward students who have less than three or four years of high school math and who will be entering pre-calculus or general college-level math classes. The Advanced Math Placement Test (MPT-A) is directed toward students who have taken at least three or four years of high school math and who wish to enroll in Calculus. 


    Transfer Students

    Placement Tests for math will not be available during your orientation. Check with the Testing Center for more information and availability.

  • Chemistry Placement Test

    The Chemistry Placement test is offered online and must be completed before registering for Chemistry 110, 120, 142, or 143. The exam is free and online.  Students wanting Chem 110 or 120 simply need to take the test--- there is no minimum score requirement. Students wanting Chem 142 or 143 must pass the test (score of 11 or better out of 26).

    Students with credit for Chem 110 or equivalent from a community college do not need to take the placement test in order to register for Chem 142 or 143.  Students with Chem AP of 1 or better also do not need to take the placement test in order to register for Chem 142 or 143.

  • Foreign Language Placement Test

    If you plan to continue the foreign language you took in high school and do not have any college credit in that language, you will need to take a foreign language placement test. Foreign language test fees depend upon the test format, and can range from $25-$45. Check with the Testing Center for more information.