Why do I have to complete "eCheckup To Go"?

Your college years will present you with important opportunities and significant choices. And, along with the many exciting future-building opportunities that will present themselves, you may also find yourself facing choices that can threaten your success; among them the use and abuse of alcohol.

For this reason, the UW is asking that you complete eCheckup To Go. Because the abuse of alcohol is so strongly correlated with many of the most serious personal traumas, disappointments and failures students experience at college, it is critical to your success and the health and wellbeing of our campus that every student is able to thoughtfully monitor drinking patterns, identify significant risk factors, and be familiar with the resources and help available both on our campus and in our community.

But I don’t drink alcohol! What value is this program to me?

Many of our students do not drink and the majority of those who do, drink in moderation. However, most all of us know someone—a classmate, friend, family member or teammate—who drinks at levels that cause us concern. eCheckup To Go will allow you to more readily identify key personal risk factors and see specific patterns that can lead to dangerous and destructive drinking. You will learn about the resources available on campus and in our local community to help you help a friend. Having these skills can strengthen your ability to be a caring friend and empower you to help someone you care about. Taking good care of ourselves and supporting our colleagues are actions we know strengthen and bring vitality to our campus community. 

Thanks again for completing the program and for your commitment to becoming a knowledgeable, compassionate and constructive member of our campus community.