Before A&O Checklist

1. Know Your Check-In Location 

Freshman 2-DayDay 1 Start: 11:30 AM in the HUB North Ballroom (lunch included) Check-In and Lunch begins at 11:00am. 
                               Day 1 End: 6:30 PM * Students interested in fraternities and sororities should plan to stay until 7pm to attend the Greek Life presentation. 
                               Day 2 Start: (General) 8:00 AM in the HUB North Ballroom (lunch included)
                                                   (EFS) 11:30 AM in the HUB North Ballroom (lunch included)
                               Day 2 End: 5:00 PM

Freshman Hybrid Part 1 Checklist: Online: 8:00 AM Pacific Daylight Time

Transfer: 7:45 AM in the Johnson Hall Lobby. Programming begins at 8:00 AM and runs until 4:30 PM (coffee and lunch included).   

Parking: If you are coming to campus in a car you can pay $15.00 per day to park in the Central Plaza Garage near Kane Hall. 

2. Freshman Housing Information 

Make sure to read your confirmation email to verify you reserved housing (freshman only). Review the following pages for information on traveling to campus and checking into the residence halls for overnight housing

Freshman 2-Day, Overnight in the Residence Halls: You can check into your overnight housing at Lander Hall during the following times, based on your arrival. 

  • Early Arrival, Sundays or Tuesdays - after 3PM
  • Overnight, Mondays or Wednesdays - between 7AM-11AM
    • NOTE:  If you are taking the Math Placement Test, you can check-in to Lander Hall prior to going to the testing in Kane Hall at 9AM
  • Check-Out for all programs is by 6PM on Day 2 of your A&O


3. Complete U101

Check out the pre-orientation modules that we will give you access to online! All components will help prepare you for your session.

4. Upload Your Immunization Records 

In preparation for attending your A&O session, you are required to provide proof of measles immunity.  Note: You will not be dropped from your A&O session, however it takes 7-14 business days to process the measles paperwork. 

5. Take Placement Testing (if required for freshman) 

If you registered for the Math Placement Test, please plan to check-in at Kane Hall from 8:45-9:00AM on Day 1 prior to the start of your 2-day A&O.

  • NOTE:  
    • If you are staying overnight in the residence halls, you can check-in to Lander Hall prior to going to the testing in Kane Hall at 9a
    • There is NO Math Placement Test prior to the A&O on August 21-22. 

If you want to take Chemistry, be sure to complete the placement test 48 hours before your A&O. 

Check to see if you need to take a placement test. If you no longer need to take a test due to AP/IB scores, please notify our office at (Placement testing available for 2-Day Freshman A&O only) 


6. Come As You Are

Wear casual clothes and comfortable walking shoes. The UW campus is large and you will be walking an average of 1.5 miles during your A&O session.

7. Bring Your ID

A government issued photo ID is required in order for you to receive your Husky Card, to take a placement test, and to take care of other business on campus. International students please bring your passport and visa. 

8. Bring a Bag & Pen

Some sort of small bag or purse will help you carry the items that you bring (water bottle, sunglasses, etc.) as well as a pen to take notes in the additional materials that we provide throughout the program.

9. Stay Hydrated

Don’t forget a water bottle! You’ll be walking around quite a bit.

10. Make New Friends, But Keep The Old...At Home

A&O is designed for you to interact with your classmates. Don’t bring friends with you because we’ll be supplying you with new ones!

11. Download the App

Have the A&O schedule on your phone by downloading the app here.

12. Get Ready for a Good Time!

Look forward to an awesome time! This will be your first interaction with other first year students on campus, and we’re excited to make it fun!