First Year Programs

Assessment for FYP

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2021 Current Data 

  1. A&O - Student Orientation Survey - Overall Report, Visualizations
  2. A&O - Engineering Direct Admit Reports: FR ENGRUD, IN ENGRUD
  3. A&O - Open-Ended Responses 2021- Link
  4. A&O - Caseloading/Reg-Check-In Summary
  5. A&O - Mongoose Texting Data 
  6. A&O - Orientatlon Leader Survey Data
  7. A&O - Family Orientation Survey Data
  8. FIG Fill Summary Data
  9. Students who attended A&O First Year concerns, Online Tutoring Access Responses - Link
  10. International Student: Regional Connection Groups Summary
  11. Transfer A&O Appointment Data 

View the following reports about first-year and transfer students at the UW: 

  • OEA Retention and Graduation (ppt, full report
  • Mapping Project (site
  • FIG Data and 30th Information 
  • First Year Admissions Quick Statistics 
  • Student Life: Assessment of Incoming 2nd-year Students - Report  (log into uw google account)
  • HUB: Fall Preparation Survey Report - Report (log into uw google account)
  • FYP: First-Year concerns, Online Tutoring Access Responses - Link