Husky Guide

2018 Husky Guide

The Husky Guide is meant to support and expand upon your A&O content. Information in the Husky Guide should be directly related to the activities and discussions happening in your session.

As a printed publication, the Husky Guide should include relevant pictures and graphics that help illustrate your messages. If you are examining a specific concept during A&O, consider including a diagram of this concept with reflection questions and space for students to reflect in the guide.

Including website URLs, email addresses, and office locations are good ways to make the Husky Guide useful throughout the year.

Fight Song Content in the Husky Guide: The fight song lyrics could be printed in the Husky Guide with space next to each verse for students to take notes during the discussion about the meaning of the song. Information (websites, office locations) about where students can go to discover involvement opportunities (Husky Marching Band, UW Athletics, other performance groups).