Assessment Questions

Learning outcomes, satisfaction, and other various feedback are assessed through the Involvio app and Catalyst evaluation survey. For the most part, campus partners are able to build questions within the Involvio app

Involvio App Questions

  • Questions are accessed through the Involvio smartphone app. Facilitators use time in their presentation to ask program participants to answer questions. 
  • Questions are specific to the content being presented during the workshop.
  • Questions are limited to a maximum of 30 characters. 

Catalyst Evaluation Questions

  • Questions are accessed through the Catalyst online survey tool.
  • Population-specific links (freshman, transfer, international, parent) are shared with program participants at the end of each session.
  • Links are also shared with program participants in a follow-up email after the session is over.
  • Questions generally measure programs outcomes rather than specific content.  

Other Evaluation Methods

  • Poll Everywhere: Consider incorporating a poll into your presentation to collect data on your own. 
  • Breakout session counts: FYP staff maintains approximate counts of all breakout sessions. 


Note: Quiz and survey questions that appear in U101 can be reviewed on the U101 Google Drive.