U101, Husky Guide & Assessment Questions

Content Edits: Feb 1 - Mar 1

We will begin accepting content edits on Thursday, February 1. All content edits should be submitted to the Google Drive before Thursday, March 1. We will incorporate your edits into U101 and the Husky Guide throughout the month of March and early April. Assessment Questions will also be finalized during this time. 

University Brand

All FYP publications will be edited to align with the UW Brand. Select the links for more information about personality and tone, style and punctuation, and word list and common terms.

Please note you have to log into google drive with your @uw.edu email address. 

University 101 Edits

Husky Guide Edits

Assessment Question Edits

Please note that all Google Drive folders and documents are accessable using your UW NetID. If you find that you do not have access to the above links, please ensure that you are signed in to Google using your UW email account. 

Content Review: Apr 19 - 25

Drafts of U101, the Husky Guide, and Assessment Questions will be available for you to review in mid-April. Please submit any additional edits or feedback to the Google Drive before Wednesday, April 25. This will be the final review of the Husky Guide before going to print on May 1. However, minor edits to U101 content and Assessment Questions can be made until mid-May. 

Please contact Carlos Guillen with any questions about your content:
Email: cguillen@uw.edu
Telephone: 206.543.9022