Course Management

Course management for the FIGs can be a complicated process. We are here to help! A FIG  may group up to three classes, which all FIG students will be enrolled in. In addition, all of these groupings include a section of GEN ST 199: University Community that is taught by a current UW student. We also offer standalone FIGs without any pairings of classes. 

Incoming students will be able to register for a FIG using the FIG website

  • Why FIGs?

    FIGs serve both freshmen and transfer students in their first quarter at the UW. In a FIG students can take classes with the same 20–25 students, so even lecture classes will seem small, and coordinating study sessions is a snap.

    It simplifies the first quarter registration process – signing up for a FIG takes care of most or all of the students full-time credits. And FIG groups get first access to some of the most popular courses at UW.

    Along with the primary FIG courses, students also will be automatically enrolled in GEN ST 199: The University Community.  It's a two-credit course taught by a returning undergraduate student, and specially designed to help students learn the ins and outs of UW and Seattle life.

    Through participation in the FIG Program, students will...

    • Connect with an experienced student who will help with their Transition to the UW
    • ​Engage in Critical Thinking and begin to build a strong Academic foundation
    • Experience a small Community within a large University
    • Explore Professional Pathways
  • Get involved in the FIG Program

    Interested in getting involved with the FIG program? Want to see your courses in FIGs for incoming students? Let us know! We will work with you to find the perfect fit. 

    There are various ways you can be involved in the process. We are flexible and can work with you to find the right fit for you and your department. Please email to learn more. 

  • How do students register for FIGs?

    Incoming students will register for FIGs throughout the summer during their Advising and Orientation (A&O) session. A&O sessions run from the end of June through middle of September. Your course in a particular FIG may not fill until the end of the summer (middle of September). 98% of FIGs fill by the end of summer and we will keep track of FIGs that are having trouble filling. We can work with you to manage and keep track of enrollment. 

    Students register through the Parent GEN ST 199: University Community course. Learn more about GEN ST 199 here

  • Time Schedule Reservations

    If you are reserving a course for the FIG program, please include the following information when the course is added to the UW online course catalog.

    (1) Add and drop codes: period 1 and 2

    (2) Notes: FIRST YEAR INTEREST GRP STUDENTS ONLY. Questions? Visit

  • Requesting a FIG Leader

    Interested in requesting a specific student to teach the GEN ST 199 course in your FIG? Please email, we will do our best to work with you and your request. 

  • Extra Seats in FIGs

    Each year we have a few extra seats that are linked to FIG sections. We want all seats to be filled in courses so create the extra seats page avaialble to all students. Visit the website to view the complete list of available courses with extra seats: Extra seats are available through email requests on a first-come first-serve basis to