First-year Interest Groups

FIG courses include information about various campus and academic resources. We are excited to partner with the MyPlan team and the Odegaard Undergraduate Librarians to introduce new students to course planning and the UW Libraries. Tools we use to assist students in the classroom include the following: 

  • Search FIG Clusters

    Use  the  FIG Search, to find the general studies sln that is linked with your course. 

  • CoRe Project

    The Communities and Research (CoRe) project is designed to get students acquainted with the neighborhoods in Seattle close to UW while also developing research skills that that will benefit them throughout their college career. This assignment is created in partnership with the UW libraries. 

    --Student Instruction Guide - Fall 2018
    --FIG Leader Instruction Guide: Fall 2018, Evaluating your sources

  • MyPlan Information

    MyPlan Information 
    --How to video 
    --Quick guides and tutorials   

  • Connect with the FIG Leaders

    Interested in meeting the First-year Interest Group Leader (FIG) paired with your course? You are welcome to contact them via email. FIG leaders will be paired to FIGs in mid June. An updated contact list will be posted at that time. 

    If you have questions about connecting with FIG Leaders please email 

  • FIG Enrollment Summary

    2011 FIG Enrollment - 2,644
    2011 T-FIG Enrollment - 162

    2012 FIG Enrollment - 2,640
    2012 T-FIG Enrollment - 87

    2013 FIG Enrollment-  2,882
    2013 T-FIG Enrollment - 87

    2014 FIG Enrollment - 3,181
    2014 T-FIG Enrollment - 86

    2015 FIG Enrollment - 3,263
    2015 T-FIG Enrollment - 82

    2016 FIG Enrollment - 3,104
    2016 T-FIG Enrollment - 79

    2017 FIG Enrollment - 3,019
    2017 T-FIG Enrollment - 91

    2018 FIG Enrollment - 3,939
    2018 T-FIG Enrollment - 67