Event Submission

For returning users

  1. Log-in to the Dawg Daze website (If you have forgotten your password, then click “Lost your password?” below the sign-in box)
  2. Select “Dawg Daze Events” in the left navigation area.
  3. Select your event’s title
  4. Edit the content of your event as needed
  5. Select “Submit for Review” in order to update your information

For new users

Create a log-in:

  1. Click here to open this site’s admin panel in a new window.
  2. Enter a user name and your email address
  3. Click the “Register” button
  4. Check your email for the password
  5. Log-in using the username that you created and the email that was sent to your email account

Submit the event for review:

  1. Log-in to the Dawg Daze website
  2. Under the section “Dawg Daze Events in the left navigation area, select “Add New”
  3. Fill in all of the required fields in order
  4. Select “Submit for Review”