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First Year Programs

University 101

U101 is designed to give students foundational information about the concepts they will explore during A&O. Information can be communicated through videos, written content, diagrams, external links, and reflection questions. 

Fight Song Content in U101: Brief history of the fight song; Copy of the fight song lyrics; Video of the Husky Marching Band performing the song; Reflection questions that ask students to examine a specific verse; Optional link for students to learn more about how the lyrics have changed over the years with recordings of different versions of the song.

Population-Specific Tracks

When developing content for U101, every consideration should be made for the universal design of content. Meaning: content should be written in a way that is inclusive to all first year students regardless of the population to which they belong.

Rather than saying, "Time management is key to a successful transition from high school to the UW"  consider saying, "Time management is key to a successful transition from your previous school to the UW."

In the few instances where content must be tailored to a specific population, we have the ability to communicate that information to the following student populations:

U101 Structure

In addition to videos, written content, and diagrams, U101 includes features that further highlight and assess a student's learning through the course. 

  • Learn More: This feature shows up as a checkbox at the bottom of the slide with the words "I would like to learn more about (fill in the text)." This allows students to select the check box which will populate a link or list of links in the student's personalized items of interest to explore at a later time.
  • Quick Tip: This is a feature that shows up as a white box at the bottom of the slide with the heading "Quick Tip" above it. 
  • Checklist: U101 includes a comprehensive checklist of action items that all students should complete before the fall quarter. This includes a title, description, and list of links. 
  • Additional Resources: A list of additional links that are important for all students to have as they prepare to begin classes in the fall. This includes a brief title and link. 
  • Glossary Terms: Define common acronyms or other UW-specific jargon. When this feature is activated, the definition of the term appears when a student hovers the cursor over the word. 
  • Module Review: This is the final slide of each module that lists all learning outcomes from each slide.
  • Module Quiz: This is a multiple choice quiz that tests students on one learning outcome. Students must complete the quiz before moving on to the next module.