View the UW's response to COVID-19. Our services and staff are available remotely and by phone. Because of the on-going situation, Advising & Orientation sessions have moved to a remote platform. For more information, view our Remote Advising & Orientation Updates page. (updated 5/6/2020) 

First Year Programs

Transfer Adviser Information

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Purpose of Connecting Departments with Transfer Students

1:1 Student Appointments: Due to the limited time you do not need to register the student for classes but further examine unique student needs. The majority of course registration should take place in the registration lab.

Group Student Appointments: Transfer A&O group advising is the time to register a student for classes in addition to further examining the unique student needs. Students do not have an additional registration

Scheduling Appointments:

FYP and UAA will be putting in the specific student information and scheduling the advising appointment for all departments. If you have any questions, contact FYP at fyptac@uw.edu.

Submit Your Availability 

Individual Advising  Group Advising 

1. Visit Individual Advising Space Document

2. Select one of the following tabs (if you see both declared students as well as pre-major status students you will need to fill out both tabs):

  • Declared Major (Green Tab) (If your department does not have declared majors prior to autumn quarter starting, do not fill out this tab.)

3. Find Your Department: Fill out all the columns prior to “Column B-E” (if column B-G are filled out, skip step):

4. Enter your Availability

Advising appointments take place in 30 minute slots from 1:30 - 3:30 pm. PLEASE BLOCK YOUR CALENDARS FOR THE ENTIRE TWO HOUR PERIOD. In general 1 appointment = 1 student, but this can change.

  • Fill out Column G-T (Session Limits by date)
  • Per session, provide the total number of appointments available. By entering your availability, you are signifying that you are open to seeing students at all of the rotations times (1:30 pm, 2 pm, 2:30 pm, 3 pm).  


1.Visit the Group Advising Space Document  

2. Go to the Group Advising Tab (Blue)

3. Scheduling Appointments 

  • Fill out all the columns prior to “Column B-I” (if column B-I are filled out, skip step):

4. Enter your Availability 

  • Group Advising appointments take place in a 1.5 hour slot from 1:30 - 3:00 pm.
  • Fill out Column G-T (Session Limits by date)
  • Per session, provide the total number of group advising student spaces available.
  • At this time we only have space for a maximum of  four departments to facilitate group advising per session. Please do not add department availability for a session if four other departments have done so already.


Information about Appointments In general 1 appointment = 1 student, but this can change.

Departmental Information for Transfer Student Success (DITSS) 

While we make every effort to have transfer students be seen by departmental advisers, this does not always happen during A&O.   To ensure that transfer students are completing their advising and registration process during an advising appointment with Undergraduate Academic Advising, we are requesting that departments share information not readily found on websites that is specific for Transfer Students. Please follow these instructions in order to share content. This content is only available to UAA Advising and First Year Programs Professional Staff: