Immunization Requirements

The University of Washington wants to ensure the safety of our incoming first year students and campus as a whole in regards to the required proof of immunization.

To ease the transition for students, as well as demonstrate the importance of this requirement, if a student has not fulfilled their immunization requirement they will still be required to submit proof of immunization.

Hall Health uses to verify immunization documents. 


  • Prior to attending A&O: All first year students are encouraged to provide proof of immunity prior to their Advising and Orientation session. It takes approximately 3 weeks for the paperwork to be processed.  
  • A&O Date: If a student is unable to submit paperwork prior to A&O, their registration hold will be temporarily lifted to allow for registration at A&O, but will then be placed back onto the student account immediately after orientation is completed. First Year Programs will give a student a physical reminder noting that the hold will be placed back onto the student account.
  • Attended A&O and Still Not Completed Requirement? All students who have completed A&O and have not submitted immunization documents will have the hold replaced and will have to satisfy the requirement before they will able to change their course registration or register for the next quarter.

For more information about the immunization process please email or contact Hall Health Immunization Center.