Immunization Requirements

The University of Washington wants to safeguard incoming first-year students and campus as a whole by ensuring that students are immune to measles, mumps, and meningitis.

Students should carefully review the information at to prepare and submit documentation of immunity.


  • Prior to attending A&O: All first-year students are encouraged to provide proof of immunity prior to their Advising and Orientation session. It takes approximately 3 weeks for the paperwork to be processed.  
  • A&O Date: If a student is unable to submit paperwork prior to A&O, their registration is already lifted to allow for registration at A&O.
  • Attended A&O and Still Not Completed Requirement? All students who have completed A&O and have not submitted immunization documents will have the hold placed on their student account blocking registration for next quarter. 

For more information about the immunization process please visit