Advising Presentations and Group Advising (Freshman)

We are thrilled to partner with the academic advising community to launch a new advising approach! A majority of students are leaving with a full scheduled (74%) and we want to see this number to grow. Students say they are influenced to register for a course because of the following factors: 

  • High: interest in subject area (69%), part of my intended major track (66%)
  • Middle: time of day (48%), course title/description (44%), academic adviser suggestions (40%)
  • Lower: apparent east of the course (20%) and faculty member teaching the course (17%)

We want to expose students to the wide variety of academic areas and allow students to meet with an adviser in a small group setting and make a connection. Our goal is that every student will leave with a name and contact information of a person they can continue the conversation with throughout their first year. All students are assigned to a UAA, OMAD, Freshman Direct, Pre-Engineering, and/or Honors adviser Departmental Advisers can participate in two ways. 

Academic Areas of Interest Presentations (Mondays and Wednesdays 3:40-4:25pm) 
Sign up to co-present during the academic areas of interest presentation. There will be space for you to share stories or examples from your own department in the presentation. Additionally you will meet students that are interested in your area of study. Even if you don't present you are welcome to attend and begin connecting with freshman. View the list of majors and each interest category.  

Small Group Advising Sessions (Tuesday and Thursdays - Times Vary) 
Sign up to attend a general group advising session. The sessions will be facilitated by UAA Advising Staff, Pre-Engineering, Freshman Direct, Honors, or OMAD Advising teams. 

Sign Up

Below are the distribution for the small group advising sessions. We will provide advisers with a detailed location of students 24 hour before each session. 

  • Arts, Humanities, Social Sciences - OL Groups 1-20
  • Physical, Natural, Biological, and Environmental Sciences OL Groups 1-20
  • Business/Economics (not Freshman Direct) OL Groups 1-20
  • Freshman Direct- OL Groups 1 or 2
  • Computing Related Majors OL Groups 1-20
  • Engineering - OL Groups 1-12
  • Honors - OL Groups 16 or 20
  • OMAD  - Groups 1-20

If a session is full and you want to attend please email and we will manually place you in the session.