Classes for Transfer Students

Connect to faculty and staff and build community in class with other transfers.

Classes specifically for first year students provide a setting for engaging discussion between students and the instructor. These classes are particularly appropriate for students who are interested in a specific topic. 

ARTSCI 305: Career Accelerator for Transfer Students - Fall Quarter
Are you a transfer student who wants to make the best use of your time at UW? Do you wonder how you'll turn your UW degree into a meaningful career? The format of this class will be primarily online, with flexible on-campus group coaching sessions and hands-on workshops. Learn More

COM 200: Intro to Communication Topics - Fall Quarter, Incoming Transfer Students Only
Introduces theories and research in communication. Explores the myriad ways scholars approach fundamental issues of contemporary human communication. Focuses on theories and research of communication (e.g. relational, group, political, cultural, and international). Acts as a gateway to knowledge about the communication discipline. Learn More

COM 220: Intro to Public Speaking - Fall Quarter, Incoming Transfer Students Only
Designed to increase competence in public speaking and the critique of public speaking. Emphasizes choice and organization of material, sound reasoning, audience analysis, and delivery.  Learn More

GEN ST 197: Collegium Seminars - All Quarters 
Learn “shoulder-to-shoulder” with UW faculty as they share their passion for subjects that interest them most. Explore big ideas, sample an unfamiliar discipline, learn about leadership and enjoy community with a small group of students. Learn more on the website. 

GEN ST 199: T-FIG Transfer Transition - Fall & Winter Quarter
Meet other transfer students and have a current transfer student mentor who will teach you how to be successful at the UW. Learn More for Fall. Learn more for winter.

GEN ST 297: University Seminars - All Quarters 
Explore various topics with a staff member on campus in a small seminar class. Seminars engage students in discussion and grading is credit/no-credit. Typically these seminars are open to all students, however, freshman and transfer are encouraged to enroll. Learn More. 

GEN ST 391K: Undergraduate Research Intensive for Incoming Community College Students - Fall Quarter, Incoming Community College Transfer Students Only
Plan and prepare for undergraduate research by learning how to identify & apply for research positions, networking with peer, faculty & grad student researchers, and get help finding research scholarships. To receive an add code to register, send your name, student number, transfer insitution, and your major or intended major to