Classes for First Year Students

Connect to faculty and staff and build community in class with other freshman and transfers.

Classes specifically for first year students provide a setting for engaging discussion between students and the instructor. These classes are particularly appropriate for students who are interested in a specific topic. 

FIN 490C: Financial Literacy - Winter Quarter 
This course will prepare you with the tools, knowledge and understanding to confidently navigate major financial life decisions. It requires no prior knowledge of personal finance. You will be equipped with a framework that can grow with you to make financial choices for now and the future. The 490 numbering is for “Special Topics” in Foster School. This class is introductory and open to all students. Leann More. 

HUM 201A: Introduction to the Humanities - Winter Quarter 
This course is designed to expose undergraduate students to a cross-sampling of subject areas in the humanities. The humanities hold many different subject areas and this course will explore five of them: language, literature, history, visual culture, and musical culture. We will utilize “artifacts” of cultures past and present to provide students with substantive content in these areas within the humanities. Learn More

BA 391/GEN ST 391/ENGR 202: Learning Leadership Theory and Practice - Winter Quarter 
Our principle belief is that UW students can be the architect of their leadership development journeys in college.  Aligning with this principle, this course is designed to serve as a learning laboratory for students to each develop their leadership potential.  Through engaging lectures, small leadership labs, interactive exercises and online games, this course will offer students a customized experience into developing their leadership capacity.Learn more on the website. 

COM 210: Intro to Communication Topics - Winter Quarter 
Introduction to a specified area of communication scholarship.Learn More

COM 220: Intro to Public Speaking - Winter Quarter 
Designed to increase competence in public speaking and the critique of public speaking. Emphasizes choice and organization of material, sound reasoning, audience analysis, and delivery.  Learn More

COM 289: Communication Power and Difference - Winter Quarter 
Explores how communication - from face-to-face to mass media messages - reinforces or challenges conceptions of power, privilege, and difference along racial, ethnic, gender, sexual, class, ability, religion, and other important lines. Examines how communication practices, particularly media, shape inequality as well as our understanding of ourselves and the world. Learn More

EDUC 200: Wellness and Resilience for College and Beyond- Winter Quarter 
You will learn skills to help you balance academics with life outside of the classroom, recognize and handle strong emotions, and Build positive relationships, and develop more effective exam and homework strategies. Learn More

GEN ST 197: Collegium Seminars - All Quarters 
Learn “shoulder-to-shoulder” with UW faculty as they share their passion for subjects that interest them most. Explore big ideas, sample an unfamiliar discipline, learn about leadership and enjoy community with a small group of students. Learn more on the website. 

GEN ST 199: T-FIG Transfer Transition - Winter Quarter
This winter quarter version of a FIG is only for transfer students. Meet other transfer students and have a current transfer student mentor who will teach you how to be successful at the UW. Learn More. 

GEN ST 297: University Seminars - All Quarters 
Explore various topics with a staff member on campus in a small seminar class. Seminars engage students in discussion and grading is credit/no-credit. Typically these seminars are open to all students, however, freshman and transfer are encouraged to enroll.