Student Coordinator for Dawg Daze and Operations

This position is responsible for all the duties outlined below in addition to the areas outlined in the Expectations and Policies

Summary of Work

  • Support Operations Manager
  • Advising and Orientation operational support 
  • Support Dawg Daze Program Manager
  • Dawg Daze logistics and operational support
  • Help with recruitment and training of Dawg Daze Leaders
  • Volunteer management at Dawg Daze 
  • Communications and marketing support (including social media, website, and app management)
  • Sponsorship support 


Required Qualifications

  • Full-time undergraduate student status
  • Must be able to work January 2019-January 2020 with a minimum of
    • 12-15 hours during fall, winter and spring quarter
    • Available to attend Student Leadership Summit from April 6-8
    • Available to work the weekend of September 21-22
    • 40 hours during Dawg Daze (September 19-25) and 12-15 hours (September 26-28) 
    • 40 hours during summer 2019
  • Must have a high attention to detail 


We are not currently hiring for this position.