Student Coordinator: Orientation

Student Coordinators for Orientation are responsible for all duties outlined in the general Student Coordinator job description in addition to the areas outlined in the Expectations and Policies listed below. The Student Coordinator for Orientation position is limited to students who have previously been employed as an Orientation Leader. To discover more about the expectations of the Student Coordinator for Orientation please explore these Expectations and Policies

Required Qualifications

  • Full-time undergraduate student status
  • Experience as an Orientation Leader
  • Due to the demands of this position, the Student Coordinator for Orientation is not allowed to take classes during the summer quarter
  • Ability to work September 2018- September 2019 within the range of:
    • 10-12 hours for fall quarter
    • 15-18 during winter & spring quarters
    • 40 hours during summer 2019

Summary of Work 
This position will work collaboratively with the entire Student Coordinator team throughout the year and in partnership with the StuCo team to manage the daily operations and logistics of A&O in the summer, as well as contribute to the day-to-day guidance for OLs related to program. They will model FYP values and standards of programmatic operation.

We will be hiring two Student Coordinators for Orientation, one will be assigned to work with the 2-Day Freshman program, and one will be assigned to work with the Transfer & Parent Programs throughout the duration of the position.

Applications for this position are currently closed.