Application: Senior Orientation Leader

The application will not allow for you to start, stop, and save your work as you go. Essay questions are listed below and we encourage you to compose your responses in Word and copy/paste into the application text box.  Encouraged word limits are listed after each essay question. Please note that the application consist of multiple demographic questions along with 3 essay questions and the submission of a photo.  

  1. What about the OL experience impacted you the most? (100-250 words)
  2. Why do you want to be a Senior Orientation Leader? What skills do you hope to develop or improve upon and why?(100-250 words)
  3. As a Senior OL you will be leading your own groups and providing peer support to New OL's. Based on your experience and knowledge of the position what are some opportunity and challenges when supporting peers? (100-250 words)

View a comparison of the Student Coordinator: Orientation and Senior OL Position.

The Senior Orientation Leader position is limited to students who have previously been employed as an Orientation Leader.


Application closes August 11 at Noon.