• Be enrolled as an undergraduate (minimum 6 credits) at UW-Seattle in Spring 2018.
  • Be available to attend a 1-3 variable credit training class, GEN ST 347, during Spring Quarter, including attendance at a weekend Student Leadership Summit in April 2018.
  • Commit to working 35–40 hours per week during the summer. Actual hours worked will vary based upon summer program schedules and will fall between 7:00am and 9:00pm. OLs must refrain from taking summer classes, assuming another job responsibility, or engaging in conflicting outside commitments during the period of summer employment (June 11th through Sept 28th). OLs will be unable to work at any other on-campus job during the summer.
  • Vacation time must be requested during Spring Quarter. We encourage you to take your vacation during breaks in the summer which include July 2-July 6, 2018, and September 1-9, 2018 as there will be no hours available. Or you may take some vacation during our limited-hours week September 12-21, 2018. Note: a maximum of four days of unpaid vacation are allowed (equivalent to two orientation sessions).
  • Be available to work during Autumn 2018, Winter 2019, and Spring 2019 for quarter Advising and Orientations—specific times dependent on class schedule.
  • (Senior OL Only) Commit to working 3-5 hours/week during the winter to include recruitment workshops,  group interview, OL Training Plan development