Application: New Orientation Leader

Essay questions are listed below. We encourage you to compose your responses outside of the application first and then copy & paste into the application text boxes. Your responses are limited to 1500 characters or approximately 250 words per question, so please double check that your responses fit after you paste them into the application. 

  1. Why do you want to be an Orientation Leader? What skills do you hope to develop or improve upon as an Orientation Leader and why?
  2. Write about a time in the recent past that you had to make a difficult decision. Explain what informed your decision and how you reached your conclusion.
  3. Tell us about a peer you view as a mentor/leader. List and explain some of their characteristics. How has this person impacted you?
  4. Tell us about an experience outside of the classroom that had an impact on your personal growth. Explain the experience, how it impacted your personal growth, and how you would use that to help first-year students.


Please note that in order to access the application, you will be asked to sign in with your UW Net ID and password. This gives FYP staff access to your academic records to verify that you are in good academic standing. FYP will also verify that you are in good disciplinary standing with the office of Community Standards and Student Conduct. Please note that a low GPA or disciplinary record does not automatically disqualify applicants from the position.

The applications have closed for the Orientation Leader position.