FIG Leaders develop curriculum and activities for General Studies 199: The University Community (GEN ST 199), a class included in every FIG cluster class and stand-alone class. The GEN ST 199 course is facilitated entirely a peer instructor known as a FIG Leader. FIG Leaders teach a section of GEN ST 199 for freshman or transfer students in the fall quarter.

This experience gives you the chance to earn course credit while enhancing leadership skills that will assist you in future professional endeavors. In addition, you will take part in a program that has become a significant part of the UW student experience! 

  • FIGs are groups of 20 to 25 first-year students co-enrolled in a cluster of classes in the fall quarter.
  • Transfer FIGs (T-FIGs) are groups of 20 to 25 new transfer students who take one class together in the fall quarter.
  • Each FIG includes a section of GEN ST 199, a course facilitated by the FIG Leader who serves as a teacher and a mentor to the students in the FIG.
  • The purpose of GEN ST 199 is to help students understand what the UW expects of them, to help students understand what they can expect of the UW, and to take active steps toward maximizing their educational experiences. It is structured around topics such as social issues, diversity, academic planning, campus resources and major exploration.
  • FIG Leaders collaborate with each other to develop lesson plans that help fulfill the purpose of GEN ST 199 and support new students as they develop confidence in navigating the UW and Seattle.