Application: New FIG Leaders

This year, FYP will be joining the UW's efforts to go green, and will be doing the application process strictly via Catalyst. 

The application will not allow for you to start, stop, and save your work as you go. Essay questions are listed below and we encourage you to compose your responses in Word and copy/paste into the application text box.  Encouraged word limits are listed after each essay question. Please note that the application consist of multiple demographic questions along with 4 essay questions and the submission of a photo.  

  1. Why do you want to be a FIG Leader? What skills do you hope to develop or improve upon as a FIG Leader and why? (100-250 words)
  2. What three things do you know now that you wish you would have known in your first quarter, or year, at the University of Washington? (100-250 words)
  3. Tell us about a classroom learning experience (positive or negative). What from that experience would you apply to teaching a FIG and why? (100-250 words)
  4. When thinking about life outside the classroom, select one on-campus experience/involvement/employment. How has this impacted your learning and personal growth? (100-250 words)


Applications are now closed. We will reopen applications for next year in December 2017.