CTA Position Responsibilities

In order to support larger special projects within the CTC, four CTAs will have responsibilities specific to their assigned projects. These responsibilities require specific skillsets and interests. In addition to the four CTAs with special projects, there will be 2-4 general CTAs to support operations within the space. The specific position responsibilities are as follows, and are in addition to the CTA job description.

All CTAs
  • Ensure that the Commons space is kept clean and appropriate at all times
  • Become familiar with the needs of commuting and transfer students, and answer student inquiries as needed.
  • When appropriate, serve as a liaison with campus departments and student service units to provide information or to answer questions about the space or other commuter and/or transfer-related issues.
  • Perform additional tasks as assigned.
  • Attend all Commuter & Transfer Commons staff meetings
  • Demonstrate reliability in completing tasks and meeting deadlines.
  • Attend Commuter & Transfer Commons events as needed in order to support the space, and your fellow CTA staff members’ events.
CTA for Programming
  • Work with the Manager to identify areas in which students would benefit from additional programming, both social and academic.
  • Consult with fellow CTAs on suggestions for program and implementation/execution of events.
  •  Reach out to campus partners and resources for programming opportunities.
CTA for Social Media 
  • Monitor the CTC Facebook Page for comments, messages, etc. and respond appropriately in a timely manner.
  • Post upcoming events, schedule changes, and other relevant information on CTC Facebook Page.
    • Posts should include CTC, FYP, and Transportation Services events.
  • Share events hosted by other offices/RSOs on campus that would benefit the commuter and transfer student community.
  • Update CTC website with current information (staff profiles, space policies, etc.)
  • Update slideshow for Facebook and website as necessary.
CTA for Newsletter/Publication
  • Collect articles from CTAs for monthly newsletter.
  • Compile articles into Zine template.
    • Edit articles for length and for clarity, and ensure proper formatting in template.
  • Send completed draft to Manager for distribution.
  • Print monthly Zine & distribute in the sapce.
CTA for CTC Highlights
  • Monitor suggestion box and share suggesstions at weekly staff meeting.
  • Collect nominations for Commuter and/or Transfer student of the month.
  • Select Commuter/Transfer student of the month and write an article to include in the monthly Newsletter (Zine).
  • Update Weekly Events whiteboard at the beginning of each week.
  • Update Question of the Week at the beginning of each week.
    • Questions can be around academic support/resources, ways to improve the space, and/or getting to know the student population of the space.
    • Record data in Google Drive.
CTA for Administration
  • Create quarterly staffing schedule for the space.
  • Create specified schedule for finals week each quarter.
  • Check email regularly and monitor cleanliness of inbox.
    • Respond appropriately and in a timely manner to all emails.
    • If an email needs special attention by Manager, alert Manager right away.
  • Coordinate and track shift changes and scheduling.
  • Monitor level of supplies and alert Manager when supplies need to be ordered.


  • Opening shift on Friday is responsible for setting up the TV and beginning Entertainment Friday activities.
  • All CTAs who work on Fridays will manage Entertainment Friday.
  • Closing shift on Friday is responsible for dropping of Lost & Found items to the HUB Front Desk.